Announcement by Coach Manny, 8/19/20:

Dear Parents and Players, below are a few updates for Boys Soccer:

1. ID Camp: We are still under State Monitoring orders for Covid 19. Once the orders are lifted and given the OK by the Ventura County Health Department and the Moorpark Unified School District, we will continue our ID Camp. Given the fact that the boys soccer season start date is February 27, 2021 we will have ample time to finish the camp. Hopefully, the Order is lifted and we will continue our camp soon.

2. 6th Period Class: In this unusual year, the soccer program and the school were forced to submit a roster for the sixth period soccer conditioning class. Due to the staff and budget we limited class size to on or about 30 students, all extremely difficult to do given the limited number of opportunities to see and evaluate incoming student athletes. We also only allowed Freshman and Sophomores in the class. We can however increase the class size or reduce the class size based on ID Camp and tryout performances. As you all know, the start of school will be virtual with an assigned teacher from the school to conduct the class, not a soccer coach. The soccer program will work with the 6thperiod teacher and establish a program that will be beneficial to soccer and soccer specific. Once school opens and students can attend school and train a coach from the program will conduct training sessions for the 6th period class. Since this is very new, I expect this to be a very fluid situation and we all will need to be open to changes. Finally, If you are not on the 6th period roster at the start of the school year doesn’t necessarily mean that you're not on a team (still need to have tryouts) or if you are in the class that doesn’t necessarily mean you have made a team.

3. Tryouts: Once we can have full contact and be able to play as a team, we will conduct official tryouts for all three teams. We will be guided by Ventra County Health and MUSD.

4. Social Media: Please continue to monitor Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for new Information

Thank you for your patience and dedication!

Games moved to March 2021:

Dear Parents and Players,

Earlier today CIF-SS released the 2020-21 High School Sports year schedule. Due to the Covid Pandemic the Sports Commissioner moved all sports to begin in January 2021 pushing back the Boys and Girls Soccer schedule to run from February 27,2021-May 8 2021, Playoffs will start the week after May 8th to May28,29, Regional June 5th.

1) Two Seasons - Fall and Spring - In examining the most effective way to deliver Fall, Winter and Spring sports for the 2020-2021 school year, the decision was made to condense three seasons of sport into two seasons of sport, primarily to help with the spacing between particular sports and the overlap of certain sports between seasons. Soccer will be played in the spring season. This decision was made to ensure the student athletes can perform their sport in the safest way possible. Note: Sports will not take place if there is no in class learning. Hopefully within this time frame the Covid outbreak will be under control. Also the new schedule will give us a full schedule, with a preseason. league, playoffs, regional and state finals. I expect to play 18-20 games minimum.

2) CIF Bylaws 600-605 Suspended for the 2020-2021 School Year - CIF Executive Director Ron Nocetti has made the decision to enact CIF Bylaw 1108.A, which states, “In emergency situations, the State CIF President or Executive Director or his/her authorized designee my act for the Federated Council in the best interests of the organization. The action will be reviewed by the Executive Committee.” Therefore, a decision has been made that CIF Bylaws 600-605 will be suspended for the 2020-2021 school year. The thought behind this decision was it would not be a realistic expectation, with the major adjustments of our sports seasons, that we would still prohibit students from participating in contests for outside teams during the high school season of sport. Note: Players can play both Club and High School Soccer simultaneously

3) Summertime Rules Extended - Once we had to cancel the remainder of our Spring sports season in April, the decision was made to have our schools go immediately into Summertime Rules, meaning your athletic programs are under the authority of the high school principal. It has been decided that Summertime Rules will be extended from when the school year begins in August/September through December and the beginning of Fall sports. As schools open and students return, provided state and local health authorities deem it safe to do so, schools can begin their pre-season preparations as they see fit, depending on what is allowed by health authorities during that time period. The only real difference is if the principal allows teams to represent member schools as school teams during the off-season during the school year, schools will be allowed to do so during the 2020-2021 school year. 4) Approval Process – CIF Southern Section Bylaw. Note: From now until the start of fall season we will be under Summertime rules which means we can have a "summer league, camps, tournaments". These activities will not count as games played or towards league or overall standings. All these events can happen with the Principal's approval and State and County Covid Safety Guidelines approval. Currently the Governor has not lifted his order and youth sports is still on lock down in Ventura County. Once the lockdown is lifted we will continue our ID Camp and hold Tryouts. We will also plan Team training after we make ours teams up to the start of the season.


First Contest Date - Saturday, February 27, 2021

SOP Date - Saturday, April 3, 2021 (36 days) (student transfer date of eligibility

Last League Contest - Thursday, May 6, 2021 Last Allowable Contest – Saturday, May 8, 2021 (71 days)

CIF Southern Section Championship Finals - Friday/Saturday, May 28/May 29, 2021

CIF Southern Regional Finals - Saturday, June 5, 2021

5) Other sports that will be at the same time as HS Soccer: Track,Baseball, Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Wrestling and Basketball. Can Not play two sports in one season.

6) HS Soccer and Club- Hopefully the Club leagues will work in conjunction with the High School schedule for the good for all. There is still a lot to be said regarding this issue, the good news is that we have some time to work out these issues. I will work with all local clubs to do what is best for our student athletes and I will always maintain good working relations with the club coaches in our area.

7. ID Camp- We will resume ID Camp when The Governor lifts his restriction on youth sports.

8. More information to follow please look for information on your email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Thank you for your Support!

Google Meeting Mon Jun 15, 6:30PM:

Click here to join Google Meet Jun 15 6:30PM.

Coach Manny's Announcement and Schedule for 2020-2021:

Dear Returning Players and Parents,

I hope you are doing well and getting through this unique time.

On Thursday May 28th from 6:00-7:00 pm, I will have a Google Meeting for all parents and players that were in the program last year. I will go over the current situation we are in and distribute information on how we will move forward for the new year. Please join me Thursday, the meeting will start promptly at 6:00pm.

Click here to join Google Meet May 28th at 6PM.

See you then!

Coach Manny

Coach Manny's Announcement and Schedule for 2020-2021:

Dear Parents and Players,

I hope you are all safe and are doing the best you can under these circumstances.

I had a meeting with our Athletic Director regarding a path and timeline for the new year to best lay out practices, games and tournaments for next year. We also talked about how we can better our program once our restrictions are lifted. Please see bullet point timeline below for some important information and dates:

* Weekly Workouts: We will continue to post weekly workouts, continuing This week. Workouts, skills and conditioning exercises will be posted on Instagram, Instagram TV and HUDL. Game "Clip" Footage will be on HUDL. There will be one clip for review on Tuesday and one on Thursday, players are to log on and to post comments on the on the clip on those days. Numbers have been low the first three weeks, the coaching staff would like to see more players participate next week and beyond. We are also looking into ZOOM meetings, virtual skills sessions there.
* Campus Closures: The Moorpark Campus is closed at least until the entire month of June, no students are to use the facility until the school district decides to open the campus. There is talk that it may open late July and August, for now we need to monitor the situation and be guided by district policies. As soon as the campus opens, we will let everyone know immediately.
* Summer ID Camp Phase 1: Phase 1 of the Summer ID Camp scheduled for June 15,17 is canceled. Please spread the word to all incoming freshman and all other students.
* Open Tryout June 19 Canceled
* Summer ID Camp Phase 2: Phase 2 Scheduled for July 21,23 remains scheduled as planned
* Open Tryout ; July 28 and August 4 remains scheduled as planned

We also have the following events in the works for late July and August;

* Summer Futsal in the Aux Gym- Dates and times TBD
* Summer "CLUB" Tournament with High School aged players
* Summer "CLUB" Tournament with 7th and 8th grade club teams
* Futsal Tournament with younger age groups
* Expand tryout dates

Games Schedule for 2020-2021:

11/16-20: Possible Scrimmage on one of those days most likely vs Pacifica

11/20,21: Possible Frosh or JV Tournament at Moorpark

12/1: Away Santa Barbara- all levels (confirmed)

12/4: Home vs Santa Paula- all levels (confirmed)

12/8: Away at Westlake- all levels. (confirmed)

12/11,12: Santa Barbara College Showcase- Varsity only. (confirmed)

12/15: Home vs Thousand Oaks (confirmed)

12/18: OPEN Home: Looking for a team to play

12/19,20: Possible Royal Tournament

1/2: Alumni Game- Confirmed

CCL League:
1/6/2021: Home vs Royal
1/8: at Camarillo
1/13: at Simi
1/15: Home vs Oak Park
1/22: at Royal
1/27: Home vs Camarillo
1/29: Home vs Simi
2/3: at Oak Park

2/10: Playoffs Begin

----------- Previous Season 2019-2020 Posts ---------

8th: 7:30-8:45-Varsity Practice Aux Gym Futsal
14th: Grade Check- Varsity and JV I-20 Lunch, Sixth Period Class I-20
15, 22,29th: Varsity Practice Stadium 7:30-8:45
22nd: 1/4 Grade Period Due
28th: Grade ineligibility begins thru 1/27/20

5th: Varsity Practice Stadium 7:30-8:45
6th: Uniform Distribution- Varsity Lunch, JV after School, Frosh during 6th Period @ I-7
8th: Web/Year Book Photo Day- All levels 5:00 Stadium and Panda Express Fundraiser after Photos
11,12,13,14,18,20 Practice: Frosh 6th-4:00, JV 6-7:30, Varsity 7-9
19: Game at TO
21: Game vs Calabasas
26th: Varsity Practice 7-9
29th: Varsity Practice 9:30-11am

2,4,5,9,10,12,16,17,18, Practice: Frosh 6th-4:00, JV 6-7:30, Varsity 7-9
23,30: Varsity Practice 7:30-8:45pm
3: Game vs Santa Barbara
6: Game vs Westlake
11: Game at Santa Paula
13: Game vs Dos Pueblos
20,21 Royal Showcase
26,27,28 Hart Tournament

January 2020:
2: Varsity Practice Stadium 7:30-8:45
4: Alumni Game Frosh vs JV 5:00-6:00, Alumni Game 630-730
6,7,9,13,14,16,20,21,23,27,28,30: Practice: Frosh 6th-4:00, JV 6-7:30, Varsity 7-9
27: 1/4 Grade ineligibility/eligibility begins
8: Game at Agoura
10: Game at Royal
15: Game vs Simi
17: Game vs Camarillo
22 Game at Oak Park
24: Game vs Agoura
29: Game vs Royal
31: Game at Simi

February 2020:
3,5: Practice: Frosh 6th-4:00, JV 6-7:30, Varsity 7-9
4: Game vs Oak Park
6: Game at Camarillo (last league game)
10,12,1418,22 CIF Playoff Dates

Frosh Player/Parent meeting for 2019-20!

September 3rd: Meeting and gear sizing, 7:30-8:30 PM room I-20.

JV/Varsity Parent meeting for 2019-20!

September 4th: Meeting and gear sizing, 7:30-8:30 PM Ed Center.

ID camps and Tryouts for 2019-20 May through August 2019!

May 23: Open Tryout at the Stadium 6:00-7:30PM. Open to all present players and open to all currently enrolled students.

June 17,19,21: ID Camp Phase 1. Open to all incoming Freshman and 2019-20 Sophomores. Stadium 9-11:30. $60 for Phase 1 and 2

July 30 and August 1: ID Camp Phase 2. Open to all incoming Freshman and 2019-20 Sophomores. Stadium 9-11:30. $60 for Phase 1 and 2

August 12 Open Try Out: Open for all New Players- Stadium 6:00-7:00

August 26 Final Try Out: Open for all New Players- Stadium 7:00-8:00

Froshsoph Wins League undefeated!!!!

With league record of 6-4-0 (Win-Draw-Loose)
Congrats to the Frosh boys for a hard fought win!

End of year soccer banquet, March 1st!

Boys Soccer End of the Year Banquet and Award Ceremony.
March 1st at the Ed Center, 630-8-00 pm. Refreshments only

End of 2018/19 Season

Bitter/Sweet. Yesterday the Boys Program came to an end.

The Frosh team went undefeated and won the league title in a must win game vs Cam. Great Job youngsters.
JV ended in second place with a squad that had 11 freshmen/sophomores on the team, awesome job.
Varsity fell short of a playoff spot but played every game with heart and determination.

Good luck to our 7 seniors, all had 4 years in our program and provided great memories over the years.
They were fantastic role models for the younger players and we look forward to next year already.

Alumni Game Saturday January 5, 2019!

*330-4:30 Frosh/Varsity Mix Game. The Frosh team will split into two teams, Green (Team Garnica) vs White (Team Dovidio) and the two team Captains will choose players from the Varsity team to form two teams and play a mixed Frosh/Varsity game against each other.

*5:00- JV vs Pasadena High School (tentatively, waiting for final approval but should be a go). I have a commitment from Cherif Zien who is the Head Coach from Pasadena HS to have their JV play our JV. Cherif is a huge figure in the soccer community and is well connected and would be great to have him look at the boys play.

*7:00 Alumni Game Starts

$20 Tickets for Jalisco Taco Truck:

-Jalisco Taqueria (across the street vons shopping center) will be providing food for the night, either 2 tacos or 1 burrito rice and beans.

-We are asking for $20 from each player for 2 meal tickets. Each player will receive two tickets for two meals. Additional tickets are available for $10 each.

-We will be collecting at every practice starting 12/19/18, we will need final collections by 1/3/19 practice session for a head count for Jalisco.

-Our Snack Bar will be open for drinks

Bake Sale and Merchandise sale:

We will have a bake sale with donated goodies form our families, over the years it's been a huge success.
We will have extra gear and Moorpark Merchandise available for sale

Music Provided and Free Entrance!

Varsity Royal Showcase Fantastic Performance!

Moorpark B-Soccer went 2W,1T vs the finest of Bakersfield in the Royal Showcase just shy of 1st place.
0 goals against 8 goals scored in 3 games. Congratulations

First league game vs. Agoura!

Clean Sweep vs Agoura!
Frosh 2-1
JV 5-1
Way to start off in League play!

Location change for Dos Pueblos games on 12/3!

- Frosh at Dos Pueblos HS- Early Release 12:40, Bus Leaves at 1:00, Kick Off at 3:15
Play on DP's grass field
Bus Returns Moorpark approx. 6:15
- JV/Varsity plays at San Marcos HS (Santa Barbara)
Early Release JV/Varsity 1:40, Bus leaves Moorpark 2:00
JV Game at 5:00
Varsity Game at 6:30
Bus Returns Moorpark approx. 9:00
FYI...DP is having construction to their stadium.

Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser November 21st!!

11AM to 11:30PM at 1555 Simi Town Center Way Ste. 300 Simi Valley Town Center..

Fall fundraiser for the Moorpark Boys Soccer Program.

Click here for info.

Scrimmage night Monday Nov 12:

FS 6-7PM, JV/Var. 7-8:30. Attire: green socks and shorts, bring both green jerseys.

Team Photos Tuesday 10/30:

Tuesday 10/30 at Stadium after sixth period. Attire: Green socks, white shorts, game day polos, warm up jackets, cleats..

Announcements for August and September 2018:

Fri 8/31: teams posted at lunch at the athletic office.
Tue 9/4: FS parent/player gear sizing meeting at I-20 8-9PM.
Thu 9/6: Varsity and JV parent/player gear sizing meeting ED Center 8-9PM.
Mon 9/10: Make up day for all teams I-20 7-8PM.

Open Player Meeting Friday 8/24!

For anyone interested in playing soccer.
At lunch, in I-20.

Open Tryout Tuesday 8/28!

6:30-8:00PM, all levels, MHS Stadium. No fee.

Open Tryout August 8th and 15th!

Open Try Outs 6:00-7:30PM, all levels, MHS Stadium. No fee.

Scrimmage Nights!

June 19,21,26,28 July 30, August 1.

All returning Varsity and JV Seniors and Juniors are invited to attend scrimmage night
7-8PM at the Stadium.

2018 World Cup Bracket Challenge!

Summer fundraiser for the Moorpark Boys Soccer Program.

Each Bracket Sheet is $10.00.

Winner will win an official jersey from 2018 World Cup Winning team.
Second place will win an official jersey from 2018 World Cup runner up.
Third place will win an Adidas World Cup ball replica.

Click here for instructions.
Click here for bracket sheet.

Summer ID Camp 2018:

Summer ID Camp will be in two phases:

Phase 1, June 19,20,21, from 9:00-12:00.
Phase 2, July 31 and August 1, from 9:00-12:00.
Cost is $60 for both phases.
All camps at MHS Stadium.
Open to all incoming Freshmen and Sophomores (returning and new).

Tryouts for 2018-19:

Open Tryouts on August 8th and 15th 2018, 6:00-7:30PM at MHS Stadium, all levels, no fee.

End of season Winter Banquet is Wednesday Feb 21, 6PM Main Gym

On Wednesday February 21st at 6:00pm the High School will hold the Winter Sports Banquet at the Main Gym staring at 6:00pm. At that time all winter sports will be acknowledged, including our program, and will be given school awards (Program MVP, Academic Awards and All League honors). Also we will be honored as Varsity League Co-Champions, first time since 1998!
After the High School's ceremony, we will meet in another room (yet TBD) for our team award ceremony. There we will honor all of our levels and present the following awards; Captains Award, Fair Play Award, Newcomer of the Year Award, Coach's Choice Award and Player of the Year.
The program will provide a pasta/meatball dinner but we will need volunteers to help with the following:

Plastic Forks
Pizza from- Moorpark Pizza Company (that's where we will have the pasta dinner ordered from)

All players and families are invited and welcome.

This is considered a school event and all players need to make every attempt to attend! If players have club practice, their club coaches will understand if they miss a's still part of high school soccer and a school function.

If you have any questions please contact Coach Manny.

Boys soccer loses a tough 3-0 to Mira Costa in the playoffs on February 16th.
Congrats to our League Co Champs on a great year!!!!

Final league game results from Wed Feb 7th:

FS 1-0 Win, Second place!
JV 1-0 Win, Second place!
Varsity 4-1 Win, Co-League Champs!
Varsity goals: Zayne Elnaka, Jose Troncoso, Justin Magana, Junior Contreras
GK: Manny 75 min, 1/GA
Braden 5/0
POM: Zayne Elnaka

SCHEDULE CHANGE for the week of February 5th!

Simi away games are now on Monday 2/5
Oak Park home games and Senior Night are on Wed 2/7.
Times are same as before. See calendar for detail.

Scores vs Camarillo:

Frosh 0-1 loss
JV 1-0 Win
Varsity 2-0 Win

Varsity Goals by:
Felix Ciciliano
Zayne Elnaka

Christian Lloyd
Justin Magana

Manny Martinez 80minutes/0 goals against

Varsity League record: 3-2

Player of the game:
Felix Cicillano

Games vs. Simi on 1/19/18:
Frosh 2-1 Win
JV 1-2 Loss
Varsity 2-1 Win

Justin Magana- 2 goals
Moy Rodriguez

Goal keeper:
Manny Martinez: 80 minutes, 1 goal against

Player of the Match:
Justin Magana

Games vs. Oak Park on 1/17/18:
Frosh 2-3 Loss
JV 1-0 Win
Varsity 6-1 Win

Isaac Hurtado
Zayne Elnaka
Christian Lloyd
Bryam Alfaro- UnAssisted
Justin Magana
Junior Contreras- PK

Caleb Kinsley
Zayne Elnaka
(2) Justin Magana

Manny Martinez- 70 Minutes/1 Goal Against
Tyler Galvez- 10 Minutes/ 0 Goals against

Yellow cards:
Zayne Elnaka
Justin Magana

Player of the Match
Bryam Alfaro

Games vs. Dos Pueblos canceled again, due to mudslides.
There will be no make up games.

Games vs. Saugus
Frosh 2-1 Win
JV 2-2 Draw
Varsity 2-1 Win

Goals by Zayne Elnaka and Alejandro Sosa
Assist by Isaac Hurtado and Ryan Galvez
GK: Manny Martinez 80 minutes played, 1 Goal Against
POM: Alejandro Sosa (game winning goal)

Scores vs Westlake
Frosh 2-2 Draw
JV 2-1 Win
Varsity 1-0 Win

Scores vs Channel Islands
Frosh 3-1 Win
JV 1-0 Loss
Varsity 2-2 Tie

Goals- Christian Lloyd, Zayne Elnaka
Assist- Carson Goodwin
GK- Tyler Galvez 40 min/2GA, Manny Martinez 40min/0GA

POG- Christian Lloyd

Games vs Westlake rescheduled!

to Thursday December 21st starting at 3:30PM at home.

Scores and Stats for Calabasas game on 12/12/17:

Frosh 1-0W
JV 2-1 W
Varsity 4-1 W

Goals: Zayne Elnaka 2, Kyle Mason 1, Isaac Hurtado 1
Assist: Manuel Rodriguez 1, Justin Magana 1, Kyle Masson 1
GK- Manny Martinez 80 minutes, 1 goal against
Player of the game: Carson Goodwin

CANCELED! Second day of JV TOURNAMENT! Fillmore High School

If there is a replacement day it will be posted here and on social media.

TEAM PHOTO DAY! Thursday November 16th, 7PM

At the Stadium, all teams.

2017-18 season begins November 20th

First game is away at Fillmore High School, 555 Central Ave., Fillmore. See Calendar for times.

Parent Meetings for all teams for 2017-18 season:

FS and JV September 14th, 8PM, room I-20
- Parents and players please attend.

Varsity September 20th, 8PM, room I-20
- Parents and players please attend.
- Also open to parents of FS/JV who may have missed their team's meeting on the 14th.

Tryouts for 2017-2018 Season:

Updated 8/25/17

- FINAL TRYOUT: September 1st 3-4PM, Stadium.

-Tuesday 8/15: incoming freshman and all new and returning sophomores, 9-11AM, Stadium
-Wednesday 8/16: Nothing
-Thursday 8/17: incoming freshman only, 9-11AM, Stadium
-Friday 8/18: selected sophomores, all returning and new juniors and seniors, 9-11am, Stadium

----------- 2016-2017 Posts ---------


All games moved to HOME at MHS.

Wed. Feb 8, Varsity game at 5:00PM
Thu. February 9, FS game at 5:45
Thu. February 9, JV game at 7:15

Results against Royal:

FS Win 3-0
JV lost 1-2
Varsity lost 0-3
Both varsity and JV came back in the second halves to great efforts and a lot of attacks but to no avail.
Next league game is again against Royal! Please come and cheer for them at home to defeat Royal in their second face off!

First League games against Oak Park!:

FS Win 2-1
JV Draw 1-1
Varsity Win 3-0 with hat trick by Ryan Galvez!
Next game away at Simi Valley High.

Season Opener Dinner for all Levels!:

Practice 7-7:30 all levels, then head to I-20 for dinner.
Spaghetti and Meatballs from Pizza and More.

Soccer slideshow during dinner.
6th period players can do study hall.

First Game of 2017 is on January 3rd!:

MHS vs. Channel Islands
FS and JV 3:15, varsity 5PM
Channel Islands High, 1400 Raiders Way, Oxnard

Bus leaving Moorpark 1:30PM all levels, returning MHS 7:30.
After game team program dinner at Pizza and More.

Alumni Game fundraiser Saturday January 7th, 2017!:

FS vs. JV 6:00.
Alumni vs. Alumni 7:30-9:00
At the MHS stadium.

Additional Varsity practice and photo session with the Acorn!:

Varsity only, 9:30-11:00AM at the Stadium
Wear appropriate Moorpark gear.

Johnny Morales moved up to Varsity!:

Sophomore defender Johnny Morales moved up to varsity from JV.

Royal Showcase, Varsity only!

Game 1: Friday Dec. 16th, 4:30 PM vs. South
Game 2: Saturday Dec. 17th, 9:30 AM, vs. Golden Valley
Game 3: Saturday Dec. 17th, 2:30 PM, vs. Mira Monte
Please be on the fields one hour before game.

Royal High School.
1402 Royal Ave
Simi Valley, CA

Clean sweep vs. Calabasas!

FS Win 5-0!
JV Win 1-0!
Varsity Win 3-0!

JV soccer tournament continues Saturday 10th!

Saturday December 10th (at Fillmore High School):
Game 1: 8:00 AM field 1
Next game depends on results from 8AM game.

Please be on the fields at 7AM.

Fillmore High School.
555 Central Ave
Fillmore, CA 93015

Team photos this week on Wednesday 11/30 !

8PM at the Stadium. All teams.
Wear warmups, polos, and bring green uniform.

JV only soccer tournament, Saturdays December 3rd and 10th!

Saturday December 3rd (at Fillmore High School):
December 3rd Schedule:
Game 1: 9:30 AM field 1 vs. Fillmore
Game 2: 12:30 PM field 1 vs. Camarillo

Saturday December 10th Schedule depends on results from 12/3.

Please be on the fields one hour before each game.

Fillmore High School.
555 Central Ave
Fillmore, CA 93015

First game of the season!

Scrimmage vs. Fillmore, home at MHS, Wednesday 11/23.
FS 3PM, JV 4:30PM, Varsity 6PM.

Practices added on 11/28 and 11/30:

FS and JV practice 6th period to 4PM, Varsity 7-9PM.
See calendar for detail.

Practice Schedule changes for next two weeks (weeks of 11/7 and 11/14):

Monday thru Thursday:
Froshsoph 6th period to 4PM, JV and Varsity 7-9PM.
No Friday practices for next two weeks.
See calendar for more detail.

Final Team Rosters Announced!

Final teams are as follows:

Junior Varsity

Final roster parent meeting 11/2 7:30-8:00PM

Room I-20, same room as previous meeting.

Meeting Changed from 11/7 to 11/2.

Final teams will be announced on 11/1 at lunch.

Final Tryout Wednesday October 26th, 6:30-8PM

At the Stadium. Bring soccer attire, shin guards, water.

This is the final tryout before teams are finalized.

Preliminary team formation announcement!

Preliminary teams are as follows:

Junior Varsity

Panda Express Fundraiser on Wednesday October 5th!

MHS Boys Soccer has a great fundraiser scheduled with Panda Express on Wednesday October 5th in Moorpark at the Moorpark Marketplace from 3-8PM. They will give back 20% of the purchase to the boys soccer program. The flyer on this website must be presented at the time of purchase either on paper or on your phone. Please invite as many friends and family as possible to participate to help out the program.

Tryouts in June and July (more will be scheduled when school is in session)!!

Schedule is as follows:

June 13,14: Incoming Freshmen ID session at the Stadium 9:00-11:00.

July 6,7,8: MHS Soccer ID Camp at the Stadium 10:00-12:30. Open to all players, incoming freshmen, returning players. More details to follow...

July 11,13: Varsity Tryouts at the Stadium 9:00-11:30. Open to all wishing to tryout for Varsity.

July 18,20: JV Tryouts at the Stadium 9:00-11:30. Open to all wishing to tryout for JV.

----------- 2015-2016 Posts ---------

Varsity and FS win big on last league games!

MHS Varsity went into the last league game of the season with a 2-1-4 record so they needed to win the last game of the season against Camarillo in order to advance to CIF playoffs. Camarillo scored first which put a bit of a cloud on the Musketeers chances, but a few minutes before the end of regulation time a great header from Senior Dane Todd put it in the back of the net which took the game into overtime. After a hard fought battle for most of the two overtime periods, it looked like the game was going to end in a tie which would've taken the Musketeers out of the playoffs, but in the final play of the game with 30 seconds left in double overtime Senior David Jimenez took a shot which was deflected off the side bar and finally put in goal by Sophomore Isaac Hurtado right before the final whistle.

The FS team went into the league final game vs. Camarillo with a 5-1-1 record tied with their adversary which had the exact same record so the outcome of this game would determine who was league champions. The first half of the game was somewhat evenly matched with both sides attacking and Camarillo maintaining slightly higher posession. The Musketeers picked up the pace quite a bit in the second half and outpaced Camarillo in all categories including posession, shots on goal, etc. and put 3 in Camarillo's goal. A super save of a PK by keeper Anthony Sassano guaranteed the shutout and final 3-0 win for the league champions with 6-1-1 league and 15-2-1 (W-D-L) overall record!

Camarillo JV scored 3 quick goals against MHS by halftime. But the Musketeers JV held their own throughout the second half and kept the second half scoreless. An excellent PK save by the Musketeers reserve keeper Braden contributed to their moral and had them work extra hard during the second half to keep Camarillo from scoring.

Froshsoph win, JV tie, Varsity tied until last minute vs. Royal!

In the second round of games of MHS vs. Royal, the musketeers fared better this time around. The only loss of the season so far by FS was to Royal. But this time around the Musketeers came back with a vengence and put one in the goal in the first 10 minutes. The rest of the match was a hard fought battle by both teams to change the result but neither side scored again. This leaves MHS FS with a 12-2-1 (W-D-L) record!! JV also came back from a loss first time around against Royal and tied the game 0-0. Varsity was tied until last minute of double overtime but Royal opened up the Musketeers net to a disappointing 0-1 loss while playing a man down for the last 20 minutes. All teams face Oak Park at home on Wednesday February 3rd.

Clean sweep vs. Camarillo!

FS 3-0, JV 2-0, Varsity 2-0! Congrats to all three teams! Defense rules!!

No goals vs. Simi, Camarillo ahead!

An exciting game between the Moorpark Musketeers and a strong Simi side (now 8-2-2) ended in 0-0 tie. With the exception of the goals, this game had a lot to offer though. There were opportunities on both sides in the first half with the clearest one falling to Moorpark right before half time. Moorpark captain Dane Todd didn't seem to make great contact with the ball when he popped up in front of the Simi goal with just the keeper to beat.
The Musketeers looked improved in the second half and were able to shut out a dangerous looking Pioneer attack with only 10 men for parts of the second half and both 10-minute OT periods. Carson Goodwin received a questionable second yellow for his second foul in an aggressive encounter.
Simi came close to grabbing a winner from a long distance effort that hit the top of the Musketeer crossbar in the first "Golden Goal" OT period. Moorpark again came closest though when the 10-men side got in behind the Simi backline on a counter attack with no time left on the clock. Dane Todd's wide open 1-on-1 with the Simi goalie was the last action of the first OT period. Unfortunately, his low effort had the keeper beat but also went just inches wide. Late in the second OT period the whole Moorpark side of the stadium was screaming for a penalty after David Valencia was fouled on top of the box. Juan Garcia stepped up and hit what seemed like the exact same spot of the crossbar that Simi hit earlier. And so it remained 0-0 and the points were shared on a beautiful foggy night in Moorpark.
Next, MHS will be hosted by Camarillo on Friday night. The Scorpions should be confident after taking a point from Royal after being down 2-0 at halftime on Wednesday night. Should be another exciting night of soccer.
Comment from Coach Nikhil:
"Unfortunately, so far this season in league our home games have been a story of missed opportunities a little bit. Simi had some good chances to score as well, but we feel we had the better looks at crucial times in the game. We're disappointed with the finishing at home so far, but we can definitely build on the team's reaction to the red card as well as the shutout defensively against a very good team."

1-1 After Two. Simi on Wednesday.

The Musketeers Varsity Soccer Boys started their season with mixed results.
In the season opener at home against 4-time-consecutive Coastal Canyon League Champs Royal, an average first half by the hosts was the difference in an exciting encounter in Moorpark. Royal was leading 2-0 at half time before a great second half display by the Musketeers lead to a well deserved 2-2 tie late in the game through goals by Juan Garcia off of a beautiful direct free kick and David Jimenez. Moorpark had another great opportunity to complete the comeback, but Angel Garcia just missed the far corner of the Royal goal by inches after a great combination and through ball by David Jimenez left him 1-on-1 with Royal goalkeeper.
That was punished brutally by Royal. An unsuccessful pass back attempt from a MHS center back to his keeper bounced in front of the lone Royal Forward who reacted well and left Manny Martinez in goal no chance on a wide open 1-on-1. That was the only real goal scoring opportunity for Royal in the second half with just injury time left on the clock.

Comments from first year head coach, Nikhil Erlebach-Chanda:
"A poor first half defensively cost us this game, not the mistake at the end. The second half was great and the boys deserved to go to OT at least, but that's not how this game works. You have to finish what you create, but also defend well against good teams or you can get punished. Royal was efficient with the opportunities we gave them and took advantage like a Championship team does."

On Friday night the Musketeers came back to Moorpark with a convincing 3-0 in the bags. MHS went up 1-0 midway through the first half off of another Juan Garcia free kick, which helped his team settle in away from home. David Valencia made it 2-0 early in the second half with a beautiful low shot in the far corner through traffic. After that the boys played it confidently and Angel Garcia was able to get his first of the season finishing confidently on a 1-on-1 with the OPHS keeper.

Coach Erlebach-Chanda's comments:
"Good win away after a tough late loss in the season opener at home. It was very physical and aggressive towards the end, but I thought the boys did well keeping their cool and getting the job done on both sides of the ball today. I'm especially pleased with the shutout."

The MHS Frosh & JV teams also won their second league games at OPHS 2-1 & 4-0 after coming up short against Royal in their season openers.

On Wednesday night the Musketeers will host Simi Valley HS at 6:45 p.m. The Pioneers also started their season 1-1 with a win against OPHS and a loss to Royal. This should be another close and exciting game.

Frosh will play at 3:30 p.m. and JV at 5:00 p.m..

Wednesday January 20th is COLLEGE NIGHT!!!

Jan 20th is College ID night. For the varsity match vs. Simi we will be hosting several college coaches for the area to id our players. So far we have confirmation from Moorpark College, Oxnard College, Cal Lutheran, possibly Cal Poly and a few more.

There will be pulled pork sandwiches as a fundraiser for the program on Wednesday (1/19).

We also need volunteers for the snack bar this Wednesday (1/19): 5-6:45 FS or JV parent, 6:45-8:30 JV parent. Please contact our snack bar coordinator Jeff at or just show up at the snack bar at the appropriate time if you can help.

Thursday Jan 21st is PICTURE DAY!!!

Please bring both sets of uniforms. Paperwork packets will be coming home Tuesday.

All three MHS teams win against Oak Park!

FS 2-1, JV 4-0, Varsity 3-0! Congrats to all three teams!!

Varsity go undefeated at Hart Showcase!

On Monday and Tuesday Dec. 28,29 MHS Varsity played four games against competitive schools with a decimated roster. The boys beat Heritage Christian and Van Nuys on Monday 7-0 and 1-0. On Tuesday with heavy legs 14 remaining boys battled two very competitive schools in Hart and Crescenta Valley to 0-0 and 2-2 ties. Click here for results.

Froshsoph Hart Showcase Champions!

3 wins (5-0, 2-0, 2-0) and one draw (1-1)
Only one goal against in 4 games!